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Two Reasons Why Printed Wedding Invitations Are Better Than Handwritten Ones

Whilst handwritten wedding invitations can be lovely, it is often much better to use printed ones made by a printing business. Here is why.  

It's faster and less expensive

Unless you're only going to invite a handful of people to your wedding, it will probably be faster and less expensive to have a printing service make your invitations. The reason for this is as follows; handwriting dozens of invitations is a tiring process that may take many hours, particularly if, in addition to writing some text, you'll also be adding illustrations or embellishments to each invitation. Because you'll probably get a hand cramp after a while, you may have to break up this task and finish it over the course of several days. Conversely, if you opt for a printing company's service, you could get a hundred invitations printed up in a couple of hours or less.

Additionally, it might surprise you to know that often, printing wedding invitations is cheaper than making them by hand. When you're handwriting this type of invitation, that is for the most significant day of your life, you (presumably) want to ensure that it's as neat and beautiful looking as possible. As such, you may need to write up some invitations more than once if you find that the writing on them isn't as nice it could be.

Similarly, after writing out three dozen invitations in one sitting, your concentration will begin to wane and you'll be more likely to make spelling errors. This may also lead to you having to disregard some invitations and rewrite them on fresh pieces of card. This will result in you using more cards than you would have if you had used a printing service. Because the cards that are typically used for wedding invitations are high-quality and quite expensive, the excess ones you would have to use if you handwrote these invitations could lead to you spending more than you wanted to on these materials.

You can make the invitations' design much more intricate

If you make your invitations by hand, it won't be feasible to add any extremely intricate illustrations to each one, as even if you're artistically gifted enough to make these illustrations, you probably won't have time to draw, for example, a hundred of them. As such, if you make the invitations yourself, you'll have to compromise by decorating them with very simple illustrations that take seconds to make or by using pretty stickers.

If you don't want to make this compromise and instead want the invitations to have some very intricate, beautiful imagery on them, then printing them would be better. Using a digital design (or scanning your own handmade illustration and uploading it to the printing website) will allow you to do this. Doing this will also mean the illustration on each invitation will be identical to the others. Conversely, if you drew them by hand, you might find that the illustrations you made during the first hour or two when you were very focused, turn out much better than the ones you made after this.

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