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How can you advertise with fleet vehicles?

When you want to get more involved in local advertising, you should consider how to use your fleet vehicles to market your business. There are many different types of custom graphics available for cars or trucks that can advertise your business every time they are on the road. Graphic designers at a print services company can help you to design the best graphics for your business. Here are some different options to choose from.

Window Stickers

The first way you can advertise your business on your fleet vehicles is with window stickers. While this is more of a permanent option, you can remove the stickers if you decide you don't like them. Stickers are good because they can be made just about any size you like, as long as they don't obstruct your view. You can make them extremely simple, with just your business name and contact information, or you can choose a slightly larger sticker that includes a benefit of choosing your business, describes your type of business, or includes some small photos or graphics. Fleet vehicles with no other advertising should at least have a sticker as a simple form of advertising.


The next option available to you is a vehicle magnet. These are the ideal solution when you want a non-permanent way to advertise on fleet vehicles. Magnets tend to be affordable and come in many different sizes. You can get a small one for the door of your vehicle or a larger one for the back of the truck if there is more space there. Include as much or as little information as you like on the magnets. These are good when you want to include a little more information than what fits on a sticker. Plus, the larger size makes them easier to see when driving down the road.

Vehicle Wraps

If you want to have advertising on the body of your vehicle, consider a vehicle wrap. There are partial and complete wraps available for fleet vehicles. Complete vehicle wraps are vinyl wraps that cover the entire vehicle's body, allowing for optimal space for advertising. These work for many types of fleet vehicles, such as if you run a plumbing, electrical, or food service business. You can include your business name and logo, images of your products or services, and a list of benefits of choosing your business. Another option is to get a partial vehicle wrap if you want to save money and don't want to cover the entire vehicle. These are still considerably larger than magnets and window stickers.