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Choosing the Right Photocopier for Your Business

There are diverse document duplication tasks in every type of business. You can choose to outsource the work to specialist service providers or to purchase a photocopying machine for the company. Outsourcing is more cost-effective if your duplication requirements are minimal or periodic. Moreover, there are no high initial investment costs or operational expenses in terms of repair and maintenance. On the other hand, you can purchase an in-house photocopier for long-term use.

The price of purchase is high but it is an appropriate choice if the duplication needs are heavy and consistent. Here are some simple factors to consider when choosing the right photocopying machine for your business:

Speed and Print Volume

The speed of a photocopier machine is determined by the number of standard letter-sized pages produced per minute. The copiers are rated in terms of pages per minute for black and white printing. The right choice for your office will depend on the duplication demands in your office. You should calculate and estimate the appropriate number by examining the current requirements.

The print volume refers to the total number of pages copied within a specific time period, typically a month. Low print volume will necessitate frequent toner replacement which is costly and time-consuming. In addition, the service agreements provided during purchase may limit your total printing volume per month. You can calculate the right volume for purchase by assessing the sales slips from your current copy shop.

Machine Capabilities

You should assess the functions of the photocopying machine before purchase. A simple document duplication machine may be suitable for some small-scale businesses. However, a multi-functional copier can provide long-term economical benefits as the company grows. You should consider choosing a machine with extra capabilities such scanning, faxing, stapling and paper punching.

The copier should also have duplex trays for use in double-sided printing and sorting trays for collating. Additionally, consider technological features such as local area network or WiFi connectivity, File Transfer Protocol, USB ports and hard disk drive memory.

Colour vs. Black and White

Most document duplications tasks in the business environment require black and white output. A black and white copier is cheaper than the alternative and it is the ideal choice for standard photocopying. In addition, you can outsource your colour copying needs to specialist dealers. On the other hand, a full-colour copier is expensive but can cater to all types of copying without the need for external assistance. However, you should also note that the operational costs in terms of toner replacement will be considerably high.

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