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Simple Tips to Reduce Total Business Printing Costs

There are diverse expenses associated with running a successful business and these include the cost of labor and purchase of new equipment. It is important for you to recognize opportunities which can help you reduce the overall expenditure costs in order to increase the profits. One of the simplest methods to save money in small and medium-sized businesses is to control the printing activities.

Poor management of this company module will cause wastage of important resources such as paper, ink and electrical energy. Here are some simple tips to help you cut the total printing expenses in your company:

Eliminate Personal Printers

The availability of personal printers for your employees is practical and very convenient. However, it is a poor choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and this system is harder to manage effectively. The lack of direct supervision will encourage the misuse of the resources through personal printing, creation of several hardcopy drafts and other actions that contribute to resource wastage.

If you want to eliminate these costs, you should replace personal printers with shared networked alternatives. This will encourage accountability and responsible utilization of the equipment. In addition, you will reduce the charges linked to repair and servicing of the large number of personal printers.

Outsource Printing

You should outsource all the specialized printing tasks in your business to a professional printing company. The special printed materials include business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures as well as other forms of marketing items. This type of printing requires a special setup because there are unique requirements in terms of equipment, paper quality, ink colors and gloss. Moreover, other processes such as binding, applying UV coatings, foil stamping and hole-punching will be necessary.

These tasks require some form of expertise so you will need an in-house employee to manage the printing work. You can eliminate the complications and reducing the total costs by outsourcing all these jobs. The professional services will not require a retainer fee so you will only pay for the services rendered. Additionally, you will not have to invest in new expensive equipment to cover the unique processes.

Additional Tips

You should reduce general document printing and rely more on digital presentations and reports. Most companies will accept the softcopy work as an alternative and you will save significantly. It is also advisable to use color printing discriminately because it is more expensive than the standard black-and-white alternative. For instance, restrict email color business printing and even regulate which employees can print color documents.